So wtf am I??

Melbourne – 0 km

February 22 February 2016

I wonder how “wtf” will translate … as swearing always feels half-as-bad when done in another language. So here something about me.

If you have read the previous blogs you would have picked-up already some personal information. However if you are just entering now then let me introduce myself in a (coconut) shell:

I am a baby-boomer.
I am a rather very lucky baby boomer having enjoyed a blessed life thus far:
I haven’t been in a war, grew up in Germany at a time when they hadn’t been admitted to the NATO, instead we enjoyed the Wirtschaftswunder = years of extraordinary economic and social growth.
I was lucky and enjoyed always enough to eat, engaged in plenty of laughter, had always a roof above my head. Had most times enough funds to go and party and even indulge in a hobby: motorcycling, to name one of the more lasting ones.
Moreover, I had no difficulties to tighten my belt, when funds were sparse. Times of study, no car only a pushbike, 1-room flat, a Night Porter job to get an income are some examples.

Probably on world-wide standards that would put me into a < 10% bracket of people with a similar experience – lucky indeed to have been born on the ‘right’ side of the road.

Though, I haven’t taken these privileges for granted. Soon enough I realised that education IS important, to me and others, here and anywhere else. So not only did I get a good one, furthermore I started to work educating others. Later on I did just this in not-so-privileged countries as well. Back then we called them ‘Entwicklungslaender’ (developing countries), hardly ever ‘third world’ countries, but that is another debate to be had.

After a very satisfying career in education I am at the verge of retirement. I am already beyond the ‘age-qualifying-barrier’, but still dabble a little in my profession. I always enjoyed what I was doing in my work, who I was working with – lucky again. Almost every morning I enjoyed going to work, and I have learnt that this is not the norm for many others …. so I am now in the < 6% bracket.

I also have a family: three daughters and a wonderful partner, who is also my wife. Almost a dream coming true, as I had this long-held fantasy of being surrounded by young women once I am old and feeble. A picture of a sheik in his harem … ?? Although my three daughters are beautiful people, they are daughters who no longer (never?) acted on their father’s whim or beckoning. Clearly a trait they must have observed from Louise, my partner … So this dream I will have to adjust …

Another one of my long-term fata-morganas was to do a looong trip on a motorbike. Since I’d read Ted Simmons first book Jupiter’s Travels I was hooked! Come to think of it, it actually goes further back. When a kid, there was a German who travelled the world on his pushbike. He was a reporter or so and his name was Harry Ican’tremember. True or embellished, his stories in 20 Pfenning paperbacks were fascinating to me! Adventures, obstacles, Kings & Queens, Africa, South America, basically no geographic boundaries. Add to this the story “How I found Livingston”: and you can see that a bubble, getting firmer with each similar story was hatching in my mind. The idea of wanting to explore the world, ever-so-gently got hold of me.

I said earlier that I did some of this exploring when living in Germany.

Arriving in Australia 31 years ago I continued with this longing. I bought a Honda FT500, single cylinder, longer front telescopic fork and started criss-crossing Australia. Saw many parts, met many interesting people, even wrote a chapter in a German travel guide about my travel. With the advent of creating a family this hobby moved into the background. The dream was adjourned but not forgotten. Now, as my youngest is 18, entering university and since I am still – just sufficiently – physically fit to finally make this journey, IT”S TIME!

Well, some say I am a delusionist ;-).

Now the time has arrived to realise this oh-so-long held dream – GREAT!


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