Preparations, almost done …?

Melbourne – 0 km
09 March 2016

New passport and new Drivers License have arrived! Russia-visa is the next top priority!

Over the long weekend (Labour Day) I completed almost all of the outstanding prep-tasks – a good weekend it was!

  • Changed all the fluids: Engine, gearbox and final drive. New Oil filter (did the fuel filter recently when installing the 41 ltr. Adventure tank.
  • Soldered a new control light into my dashboard for the aux lights. Now it shines bright green when lights are on, I almost need sunnies….
  • Swapped the rear bulb for an illegal one: a multi LED circular or rotating brake light from Japan, have been unable to get this recently L, however my good friend Marcos still has one sitting ‘round. It fits straight into the bayonet socket – ‘plug&play’.
  • Changed my K&N air filter to a foam Unifilter. Packed also a spare, pre-oiled foam jacket and intake foam sock.
  • Fixed a little problem with locking-in the seat – all done on ‘ze bike’!

Then I did my packing …. Boy-oh-boy, all that stuff. already reduced to the minimum. I have these ‘containers’ on the bike:

  1. MTD Alu-Panniers, a full sized one and a somewhat reduced-sized one, due to the exhaust cut-out
  2. a former business Aluminium briefcase
  3. a waterproof roll containing already occupied by my camping gear
  4. a small tool/spare parts pouch sitting in the space under the pillion seat
  5. a plastic tube containing two 1.2 ltr water bottles – contingency planning
  6. some space in the Fuse box, ready to take some small, electrical items
  7. a small tank bag 21 ltrs
  8. a 1.5 ltr Camelback with I like to keep light, so just some small stuff goes in there
  9. a waterproof Ortlieb back-pack which double-functions as an additional space to store things, currently I like to keep it empty.

Guess what!? – all is filled! However on the bright side I carry not too much weight.

The panniers are < 25 kg each, the camping roll is ~8 kg and the alu-briefcase has about the same weight. So, in essence, I carry about the same weight as if I would be riding with a pillion and no luggage! That’s good news, the stress on the entire bike should be bearable .. or should I say: ‘bike-able’. Well, we all know that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so let’s wait – and ride it.

For all more detail-loving readers following my pack-list, which will put some to sleep I intent to translate into the major languages of countries I traverse. I like to think it may help with them Customs Officials, seeing me making an effort ….. actually sucking up, but perhaps saving hours on end of waiting time …. another pudding to be eaten.

My Pack-list final, which I shall translate into Korean and Russian to make entry easier …


Exhaust Pannier

<25kg without Ortlieb bag

·       Flags Net under lid

·       Tool Roll
Electrical tape, Rescue tape, Silicon, Sparkplug removal tool, WireBrush, TippEx, BMW Oileinlass Hohlschlüssel, Vice Grip, Shocki Spanner, Spanners 8 – 17mm, Allen keys, Torx nuts, Ratsche & Extensions, Sockets, Hacksaw, Needle Nose Pliers, Valve & ABS Gauges, Rear-Wheel Tool, Scissors, Electrical wire & Connectors, Pincers & Dentist Pick, elect Tester, round & flat Files, Box Cutter, Marking Pen, Loctite & Superglue, Graphite Grease, Rim Guards (hose), Fencing wire, Zip-Ties, Sandpaper, Repair Gloves, Darning Yarn & needles

·       Tyre Repair Kit

·       Tyre Pump

·       Emergency starter/charger


·       WD 40 Spray

·       Camping & Cooking in Green Bag

Steri Pen, waterproof Matches, Fire Starters, one-way Lighter, Stove with Windshield, Pot & pan, Plate, double-wall Cup w. Cup-Lid, Toothpicks, Cutlery, Salt & Pepper, serrated knife, extendable Cup, Sugar, Coffee Perco Cup, Kettle, Kitchen Towel, Towel Butts, DishWash box with scrubber/liquid, Container with Tea Bags, Container with Coffee, Oil & Vinegar nested Container, 1 x Emergency Meal, GemueseSchaeler

·       Nuts & Bolts container

·       Rescue Tape

·       Riggers Gloves

·       Kitchen Towel

·       Fishing Gear

·       4x spare tie-downs

OUTSIDE Exhaust Pannier ·       Optima Fuel Bottle

·       blue Alu Bottle with Oil

·       Klapp Spaten & Folding Saw


·       round Grill Mesh

·       Ortlieb Backpack


Full-Size Pannier

<22kg without spare fuel

·       spare Accelerator cables

·       spare Batteries

·       OilFilter Tool

·       spare OilFilter

·       spare locks 2x w key

·       Clutch Plate

·       brake pads front&rear

·       Air Filter replacement kit

·       Schnuersenkel


·       Scarf

·       Toe Warmers

·       long sleeve shirtsT-shirts, jumper,

·       Undies, singlets, long Mc jumper

·       long trousers, socks

·       Long trouser, shorts, ¾ longJohns

·       Shirt, Togs, MC Roll-neck light

·       MC black Leather trousers

·       Keen Sandals


Full-Size Pannier


·       4 ltr Fuel Container

·       black Pouch with LifeStraw Bottle


Alu-Team case

~ 5kg

Camping & Cooking

·       Axe/Hammer

·       Saddle Bag Pot with Cuplid

·       Mending Kit

·       Stubby Holder

·       TowelButts

·       reusable Storage Bags

·       Container with Towel

·       Optima Repair Kit

·       Matches

·       DishWashLiquid

·       Bottle Top

·       Matches


·       LifeStraw

·       10 mtr Rope

·       Scrubber Wash Bag

·       Rei in der Tube J

·       Clothes Line

·       Screw container

·       Lemon Pepper

·       Tube container

·       Reading Glasses

·       4 ltr Water Bag

·       Underberg

·       2xEmergency Meals

·       Zigarre

Camping Roll

< 11kg


·       Sleeping mat

·       Sleeping bag

·       Tent w. Groundsheet

·       Tent Repair Kit

·       Emergency Rescue sheet

·       Washbag, inner liner cotton sleeping-bag, Pillow & Towel, Washcloth (indoor o/night@end of Camping Roll)


Tank Bag

~ 3 kg


Front pouch

dual Philips Head spanner, Earplugs, Tyre Gauge, Lipbalm


Plastic Box
Petzl Head Torch, pocket knife, Bear Spray, Emergency Cord & Whistle band, Map Reading Lens, USB Plug & cable, Marker Pen, Biro, Cigar, Coffee, Compass, Visor Spray, iPhone Quad-Lock Rain cover, Matches, Tempos, elec. Adaptor

·       Floppy Hat with Mozzi Net

·       Highlighter Pen

·       Cool Tie

·       Sunscreen

·       Monocular

·       Scarf

·       flat Stubby holder

·       Torch

·       Maps in A5-ish zip-lock bags

·       Travel guides

·       Memo sticks – SDCards

·       black Notebook

·       Credit cards

·       spare Glasses

·       Wet Ones/Moist Wipes

·       Leatherman Wave

·       FlachrundMann


<2 kg w.o. water

·       Repair Gloves

·       EarPlugs

·       Food/Energy/Muesli bar/Choclate

·       Spot Tracker

Number Plate Box ·       Copies of important doc’s in waterproof zip bags

·       laminated Instructions* print both sides

·       Photocopies of all documentation in w.p. zip bag

On The Man ·       Phone

·       MediCare/NiB card

·      Driver’s License (Oz, German & Internat.)

·       Bike rego

·       Carnet de Passage

·       Passports

·       Passport Photos (in Cloud)

·       Travel insurance policy copy

·       Dummy wallet

·       2 x Credit cards

·       business cards

·       Other M’ship cards

·       U-Tag

Fuse Box ·       USB drive with Tech info

·       CAT Code bridges

·       CAT-Code Plug cross wires

·       Fuses each < twice

·       Headlight bulb

·       Indicator bulb

·       Brake-light bulb

·       Alternator belt around Fuse Box

·       Sparkplugs behind Fuse box

·       TILE

·       spare Keys

Pouch under

Alu Case

·       Spare Parts
Brake & Clutch Levers, Hoses incl. petrol hose, Indicator with inserted bulbs, Oil filler cup + O-rings, Quick Disconnect + clamps, Liquid Steel & Aluminum, O-rings for Quick Disconnectors, Rubber plugs for Fuel Injection & Brakes, Steel Quick Disconnect w clamps, 2 Sparkplugs Autolite 3923, 2 Sparkplugs NKG BK7EKC-N, Brake/Clutch nipple, Quick Metal, Quick Aluminum, Teflon tape, sump guard rubber mounts 8x, Oil-Sight-Glass, Rear-end Seal, Liquid gasket small tube, Loctite 515, spare working gloves, grease nipple for rear drive

·       3 x Tyre levers

·       Zip-ties

·       2 x 1 ltr Water bottles

·       super-long Zip-Ties


7 thoughts on “Preparations, almost done …?

  1. Great work Axel….. u are on a roll, but have u included a Spot tracker so “us humble armchair adventurers” can track u daily and know u are safe😟😞.

    • Les, my man, You are NOT an armchair adventurer! Reckon you’ve covered more o/s miles than many of us.
      However, a Spot Gen 3 named ‘Loui” is part of the trip. I am in the middle to send out test messages so I know it works.
      Haven’t quite figured out how to embed their map into my blog. Do you know?

  2. You wouldn’t be a German would you? Possibly not ….. barely enough detail reported ….. Good luck Alex. We are all jealous …… Please send money … We shall join you x

    • Gerald, that’s all part of or a result of my assimilation – still in process btw…

      The money ought to be redirected to me! When I spend it, I really shall think of youse ;-))

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