…and now to something completely different ….

Melbourne – 0 km
13 April 2016

THANK YOU! and Congratulations Carol H – as you are my Number 1 ticketholder, ahemm Follower of this blog.

I must say: “Shame, shame, shame!” on my family, loved ones, lovers, wives, husbands and off-spring, as clearly they didn’t bend-over-backwards scrambling to get this pole position! :-{ (this shows my moustache a bit better).

In my days, when I was young we were i-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y, with no delay whatsoever, following our parents’ Facebook entries.
Not even a moment of hesitation.
Them good ol’ days …..

…and now to something completely different ….


As you, dear reader and follower, have been bearing with the constant exposure to my dribbles, today I shall jazz-it-up!

Providing some eye-candy, and THIS FOLLOWING WARNING: “the following content may include bike-porn. However no rear-drives, axles or spark-plugs were hurt in the process of making these pix.”

So here just a few shots – the speak for themselves – for your ophthalmic pleasure:


rolled onto the crate – the packing task begins


Ivan & Tony made the front wheel disappear


Tony applies his skill with -welcomed- Teutonic attention to detail


ze bike on its knees, all to fit into the OEM crate and reduce shipping cost (just kidding …)



most of the work is done!


the wrap-around BMW crate – German Engineering!


almost done. $ cross bars to make it solid


the final wrap


Ready! Ship me now!

Voila! the bike is carted and ready to go – Thank you, Tony!  You can crate my bike anytime!

5 thoughts on “…and now to something completely different ….

  1. Hi, Nick from the BM club here. Wondering why you’re travelling so much of Russia – not that that is a bad thing. Just curious.

    • Hi Nick, mades me avoid China. Almost impossible to travel solo, on a bike through there. Moreoever Mongolia is land-locked by China and Russia, therefore to get to ‘The Stans’ I’ll need to cross back into Russia.
      Finally, I am curious what south Siberia looks like, my old men almost ended up there, he was lucky enough to escape only to be picked up by the US soldiers. It may have saved his life.

    • Hi Nick, thought i had already replied but somehow my response disappeared …
      China is way too difficult to travel solo on a bike, so I need to circumvent it. The only alternative is Russia, as Mongolia is landlocked between both. Even when eventually exiting Mongolia, I will need to enter back into Russia. These are the borders

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