it’s raining in Seoul …

Seoul (South Korea) – 28 km (bike is swimming)
03 May 2016

… and it is cold. ~18 degrees or so. Rained all night and continued all day.

So what to do?

“Putz und Flicktag” perhaps, but not for all day.

Having enjoyed a traditional Korean breakfast (I didn’t know have the stuff I was eating) I indeed did some mundane stuff.

Writing blogs, labelling photos, looking through my clothes (very mundane, I know) but the rain persisted despite. So off I went, umbrella equipped into the miserable-weather day. Spoiled myself with a Snickers 5.000 South Korean Won (almost 5 bucks!) and walked to the nearby Changdeokgung Palace.

Hmmh, next English-speaking tour was one hour away, so I turned to the young girl at the info boot and asked her advice. She pointed out a private museum, just 100 meters away and said the coffee was great and the building was unique. However, first I got my ticket. Guess what?? Free for people over 65 years! Aaaahhhh it pays after all to be old.

Then the strong winds almost blew me into this private museum: ARARIO Museum. Check it out! A little similar to the one in Frankfurt close to the Dom (former Fisch Franke spot): a small-ish space in a former office block, odd-shaped rooms and floors. Intriguing!

Here are some of the things I saw whilst warming up my body and mind

… and this artist

here’s another one of many (I skipped over the Andy Warhol)..

… and this one is for you, Lou!


The final one didn’t quite work out as planned …


always liked them brothers..


Off to dinner now. Went out, walked straight into a side-alley way and popped into what looked like a complete non-glamorous eatery.  Just one local in there, it was not even 18.00 hours.  The kitchen was run by mother & daughter and yes, they were a little surprised me turning up. No sooner had I ordered


An early start tomorrow. Will be collected at 7.30 for my Demilitarised Zone tour. Watch out on TV for the diplomatic incident I shall create ;-))

BTW, didn’t get to the Palace … perhaps later perhaps not at all – all good.


7 thoughts on “it’s raining in Seoul …

    • Thank you Luisa. I had NIL connection in PRC as everything Google or Facebook is unavailable (if you haven’t set up a private VPN before arrival there). Now in South Korea free WiFi is everywhere, so I am working through the back-log 😉

  1. Interesting start mate. But youse Germans used to the cold? Sth Korea follow Foxes winning EPL and Carlton beating Essendon ?? Have t sold the bike yet !!!! Take care. Stay upright. Stephen

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