The 2nd STEP in the JOURNEY has been done!

Melbourne – 28 km Flight to Guangzhou (China)
30 April 2016

The last ten days prior to leaving have been filled with way too many tasks, all wanting to be completed. So it was a little frantic and I wondered if I get it all done.

In the end, it all panned-out: The Russian Visa arrived with two days spare, flights were confirmed, accommodation booked and I even managed to book a tour for Guangzhou and for the DMZ (demilitarised zone) dividing North- & South Korea

With all that hassle my body decided to go on strike, manifesting in a laryngitis par-excellance! No voice and bad sleep. Anxiety growing in my body and mind …. missing my wife already before even being gone … how can that happen!?

Well, it did and somehow I muddled through it all, stepping on the plane with a bottle of Betadin Gurgle and lots of tissues.

Saying farewell to Louise, Alexis and the dog for such a long time was difficult for all, although the dog will only realise later. Farewell to my daughters Vanessa and Johanna felt a little different as we live apart anyway, but still – All I shall miss, especially for the first few weeks, months? Dunno, have to suck it and see.

Good-Byes@MelbAirport 29Apr16

Sitting in the plane en route to Guangzhou (China) ever-so-slowly I dawns on me that the journey’s second big step is un-folding: leaving home, the comfort, all the known bits and trading it for a big fat Unknown! Surely I shall embrace it, smile a lot and be relaxed about delays, border officials and the Chinese habits in how to get it your way in a crowd.

Mentally and physically I shall try to ‘lean-back’, exercise patience, show empathy and smile until my face hurts. After all, I am entering ‘Das Land des Laechelns’.

Already I was lucky to score a seat with more space, the former premium economy – what a bonus for a 10 hour flight.

Plenty of things to fine-tune, read, watch movies I won’t remember having watched one week later and write blogs …


4 thoughts on “The 2nd STEP in the JOURNEY has been done!

  1. My friend Axel,
    hope you’ll get better soon. Stay cool and maybe the Chinese wonder medicin can help.
    Thanks for your Blog. It’s really big fun to follow.

    • Ronny, bought on local advice some unknown dried fruit. Cut it open, took its seeds and made tea from it. Was alive next day 😉 and felt a little better. So I also used the other half of this ???fruit. Still alive and sour throat is receding

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