Melbourne – 28 km
13 April 2016

That day held a rathe large amount of things happening: pix, crating and, probably of most importance

the actual start of my journey!

… albeit with some small steps in terms of distance covered.

Just 28kms from my home to the freight-people or more accurately: the crating-the-bike people in Tullamarine (suburb in Melbourne).

To get there, for the very first time ze bike – fully loaded – and I had a ride!


Fully loaded – about to go crating

Leaving my driveway in Montmorency, riding ever so careful via the freeway to Tullamarine’s industrial centre.
An accident on the freeway (not involving myself) created a rather long ‘Stau’ (German word for balance). A great and first opportunity to practise – fully loaded with panniers and camping roll – my filtering skills.

‘Filtering’ is now a legal term applied in Victoria when one mounted on a motorcycle – rides between a line of cars, not exceeding a speed limit of 30 kmh blah blah blah

So here is me, initially a tad wobbly, still trying to get used to the different handling of the bike, making my way past trucks and cars. None was scratched and I had completed my first traffic challenge with a fully-loaded Paul (that’s the name of my bike).

I also noticed that the bike felt rather stable when riding just a little over the 100kmh, despite having only little petrol in the 31 ltr tank. A full tank should provide even more stability as the overall weight becomes a little more evenly distributed.



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