Endearing Vladivostok

18 May 2016
Vladivostok 742 kms travelled = Total 550 kms

Well, today was the Vladivostok sight-seeing day on the agenda. Olga, a multi-talented receptionist, street-musician, marketing proof-writer let herself to be talked around by me to be my tour-guide.

No tours otherwise seem to be available, Vladivostok is not necessarily tourism-focussed.
I got my hands on a little brochure to get some idea what to see, so off we went. Walked I guess at least 10 kms. saw a Farmers’ market – bought some Russian Salami (Contingency Survival food).

Walked into a Naval Headquarters of the Siberian Flotilla – just because the building looked interesting. The Concierge waved us through and I watched a rehearsal of some Russian play, saw one-hundred very moustached-men in Golden Picture frames, all with plenty of gold&silver on their shoulders.
Took a bus to the Chinese Market (thanks for the recommendation Geoff B), took the Funicular – Zahnradbahn, aber ohne Zahnraeder, sondern mit einem Stahlseil und an jedem Ende ein Gefaehrt) up a super-steep hill to the ‘Eagle’s nest’ overlooking Vlad.

Posted some postcards to the family (cheap!) and finally visited the Fortress build in the 1900 century as a defence in the Russian-Japanese war.

I still liked Vladivostok, so remote, busy traffic with lots of one-way streets, but not really hectic. There is a nice pace and people are friendly.

Concluding the day with a meal (my shout) at Druschba (Freundschaft) with a large variety of typical Russian food. The waiter spoke excellent English and I gave him some info regarding a masters in Hospitality (W. Angliss – not RMIT – sorry). Foodwise I tried:

Bortsch – really good! Will seek it out again, which shouldn’t be hard as it is Russian stable food. This one came with side dishes: sour cream, minced tomato with Garlic, a full Garlic clove to be rubbed onto some black bread dipped into the Tomato/Garlic mix. A stick of spring-onion, this one was hot. A red-hot peperoni, and something else – right now forgotten – must have been the Vodka afterwards, or two ….?

I also tried a herring-dish, almost like a cold-cake… I know, doesn’t sound nice and I represent it here very poorly, but again I liked it!

Finally I had some smoked salmon rolled into a noodle-like pastry, there IS a specific name to it. I am certain I will have it again and then add.

So a good day was to be had, I had my fill on Russian food and confirmed my like for so far-away Vladivostok!

2 thoughts on “Endearing Vladivostok

  1. Hi Axel, nice to see your adventure is going well and you are still going strong. When are you entering Mongolia if you have not as yet? I contacted my friend and he is happy to see you when you arrive to give you some travel advice or be the emergency contact if you needed someone. I will email you his mobile number. All the best with the rest of your travel!

    • Great! Thanks Boogie. Currently still in south Siberia en route to Ulan-Ude. Then use time to apply for Mongolia visa to look over Lake Baikal. Estimate enter into M early June

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