“When jemand eine Reise tut so kann er was erzåhlen …..” a poems from way back sticks in my mind. It is topical as this blog is about ‘eine Reise’ – doing a trip.

It will be a long one. It had simmered in my mind for a long time and now, many years later, it is finally realised. Or should I say “about to be realised”.

So this blog is really an account. Admittingly first and foremost for myself, so I won’t forget anything about this trip. Forgetting these days has become a strength of mine … This blog is trying to hold the upcoming journey tight in my mind’s hand, so once I am so old that I hardly can move, I can go back and relive some of the highlights of this event; make myself ‘little moments of brightness’

This blog also ought to satisfy the need for information for others: loved ones, family and friends, fellow motorcycle riders who hold similar dreams and seek info for realisation, and last but not least others mildly or intensively interested to come along.

All of above to ride and experience with me what is about to unfold: a solo motorcycle journey from cost-to-cost. To be a little more precise: from Asia’s east cost (Vladivostok, Russia) to Europe’s west cost (Cape Finisterre, Spain).
Come and ride along with me!
Let’s traverse 20 or so countries. But be prepared o ride without a ‘firm’ plan, as I only have a ‘plan-plan or vague plan’ for the route.

I trust you get a flavour of my trip, as well as of my style of narrative. The latter perhaps is a little rambling, but for me just a most natural way expressing myself. I sincerely hope you’ll stay with it, or ‘with me’.

Aahh, almost forgotten, but an important -final- thought: I always invite your comments, encouragement, tips & tricks, names of places to see, people to greet and other recommendations or criticism as long as the latter is constructive. …. and have I mentioned money or care-parcels yet ;-))

Thanks for looking/reading. Why not leave a reply..?

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