Rest-day Chita

28 May 2016

Sorry for the break in keeping you up-to-date. I had some difficulties to transfer my pix from my iPhone to the MacBook.  This morning (6 June) I was able to do so. Good bless computers …  On top of this dilemma I ‘lost’, ahemm … actually forgot to take my powercable for the MacBook at Lake Baikal. I know, it’s age-related. So I had to serach for a replacement, but more about this later.

Thanks for sticking with me! it is great to get your comments and it makes me feel connected.


Chita calls me for a rest. Over 600 clicks is almost too much for me.

It almost feels as if one hurries from destination to destination, and meandering or curiosity come short. This will proof true in the following days (well, I am writing these lines days after the actual events, whenever I have time and energy to ‘record’ my thoughts. Allow me therefore to ‘time-hop’ a little.)

We arrive in Chita with no booked accommodation, well I thought we had … After such a long distance, arriving in a busy town tired, sweaty and looking to lay the head down – all I want is some comfort: a hot shower, soft bed, a loo. No sooner have we stopped – looking alien & lost – several people approach and offer help. The issue is to find a hotel where we can park the bikes securely, a locked gate or garage or similar is what we want. However this info is not obtainable from One of our rescuers called a friend who happens to be one-of-five bikers in Chita. Tsyren Nordopov rolls up not even 10 minutes later with another bike-mate and three minutes later offers to stay at his place! However, I have “taken initiative” and booked the first hotel appearing in the app which seems to be a large hotel. Guess they ought to have safe parking(they did!). Tsyren guides us there and later we ride to a Buddhist temple for some Buryat-type food, Buuzy, as he considers himself a Buryat. Buuzy is a meat wrapped in its sauce in a pastry-like round shell. You pick it up with your fingers, carefully bite a little hole in it, suck out the juice and then add some spicy sauce or soy. Three of them and I am full.

My rest-day is used for doing blog-catch up tasks. Weather is not friendly, at one stage even some light hail-cum-snow. Despite Tsyren has taken us to his ‘bike-room’, where we meet other bikers, all friendly, welcoming and certainly NOT fitting a bikie-image many of us hold in Australia.


A lot of waterpipe smoking happenes in this region. Smokers play with the smoke

Good people, helpful, instantly hospitable and we share lots of laughter caused by our limited language congruency. (Gee – THAT is a hell of a word typed late at night).

The remainder of the day is spent by checking out several bike shops, so my travel partner Mario can get some under-gloves. He ain’t got a grip-heating on his bike …  Yeah, should ride a beemer ;-))


6 thoughts on “Rest-day Chita

  1. Gday Axel

    Following your posts and enjoying them. Keeping out of trouble here. Long term accomodation for me was on the market since Christmas. Decided on the Monday (after careful consideration over 4 weeks) but he had sold it on the sat and didn’t let us know to have the opportunity to make a better offer.
    Anyway we have decided on the place definetly , so we wait for the next one to come up. Retirement village so they do turnover.
    A friend is looking for an accountant and I told him you were happy. So please advise details.
    Off to bowls now , stay upright

    The Fox

    • Stephen, good decision. Must be happy this is finally settled. Now off to the bike sale ;-))

      My accountant is on Were Street, top end, same side as WearyBear, beside the two-Dollar shop. His name: Greg at GWS Accountants, 17a Were Street. 9434 6017.

      Go and kick arse @bowls!!

  2. Hi Axel, gut das es soviel freundliche Biker gibt. Essen klingt für mich ein wenig strange.
    Hauptsache es macht satt. Mach weiter so und take care.
    Liebe Grüße

    • Ronny, Thanks for your comment. Es ist immer gut von dir (und anderen) zu hoeren, da fuehle ich mich ‘verbunden’ auf so ‘ner langen Reise. und vergiss deine Eltern nicht! “Gegessen wird was aufn Tisch kommt!” das ist heir nicht anders. Die Russen und Mongolen essen viel fettiges Fleisch, vielleicht weil die ne Art ‘blubber’ brauchen gegen den Winter. Ich schneids immer wieder ab und excuse myself mit gesundheidlichen oder religioesen Gruenden.
      Trust all is well in WG and the joint 4-men travelplans are progressing ….. bist du schon im Ruhestand?

  3. Hi Axel SOOOO good to hear from you again. I love your blogs, can’t wait to for the next one. I am so happy for you that everything goes so well and the people are so friendly. How the bike keeping up? Ride safe Winfried

    • Winfried, thanks for your kind words. I noticed that people are ‘more’ friendly when traveling alone. Bike has developed a leak in the front-left forkseal :-(, however I gave it a clean and still will go for a ride to test if it holds. If so, I top-up the oil. Already have ordered a set replacement from UK

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