Another long ride

29 May 2016

Chita – Ulan Ude 656 kms travelled = Total 4415 kms

Another long ride. Almost too long. Have to change this. Feels like rushing it, Exactly the opposite was the intention. Need more thinking time. Shall have plenty of it being on the bike.

A noticeable eye-sour is the rubbish. It is everywhere – no exception.
You ride along a long stretch of road and finally find a sideroad or a little spot where you can park. Guess what, people have un-loaded their rubbish there already and plenty of it.
You stop at a road-house which usually has a large car park so plenty of truckdrivers can have a feed. Rubbish everywhere, especially at the edges.
You ride into a small town to find your hotel or bike club (almost the same 😉 and rubbish everywhere on the streets.

Most of it is plastic bottles, containers and shopping bags. It is occasionally burnt off in old petrol drums, just as it happens in many developing countries. However, I am certain that Russia does not see itself as a developing country; indeed you are charged 10 Rubels in a shop for a plastic bag. Somehow a disconnect which I only can speculate about: it’s not considered important in this part of Russia, Siberia.

Food is plenty and I like it!
The roadside cafes offer a full hot meal with tea and coffee for less than 5 bucks. There is food in the shops (as long as you can recognise THIS IS a shop), always fresh bread, salami and other meat, so no need to go hungry. I have almost established a routing of two meals a day: a hearty fulsome breakfast and something in the middle of the afternoon. A Snickers bar would crown my culinary-delighted day!


Yammm! Russian Snickers – Marvellous!!


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