Geschichten aus der Quarantäne … Part 4 – final

The NT Howard Springs Quarantine Camp in full&complete glory

This is a picture I found on some app and it was one with the greatest amount of details of the entire Howard Springs camp.

Well, all good things must come to an end …. the not-so-good one as well.

But before I draw the curtain on this rather unusual, perhaps once in a lifetime experience, let me share some of the more up-lifting things which happened in Howard Springs quarantine.

The term ‘quarantine’ here at the ‘camp’ took on a new meaning. Previously, and shaped through recent Covid TV news, I connected quarantine with HOTEL-quarantine only. I spoke about this before and still believe it’s too hard, especially for a couple with children or even ‘only’ one single child. The Officials, elected or not, should undergo it themselves and only after having had a true first-hand experience, they should have formed and mandated this or any alternatives, of which they are many, probably as cost-effective/costly as the foresaid hotel quarantine ….

Nevertheless, for me, after MY experience at Howard Springs this term has taken on a new, less negative connotation. Influenced by the type of accommodation, the sincere friendliness of all staff, but also by the interactions with fellow ‘inmates’.  To compensate for the limited options of engagement and physical activity, these inmates helped themselves, almost always within the boundaries of the prescribed rules (1.5mts, mask, no more that 15mins etc etc).

A number of various ‘events’ were generated fostering aforesaid controlled interaction:

Firstly, a second time in the pool! how good was THAT!!?

the simple things of life – long missed

Moreover, we had several Mario-Games competition – somebody must have had the foresight to bring along the necessary equipment, or even bought it via ‘Click&Collect’ to keep the kids (and adults) in check.

We had movie nights, screened on a large white bed sheet, spanned tightly over a veranda-roof arrangement

There were trivia nights and even a home made Bingo game. small numbers cut out of re-purposed brown paper-bags, initially used for the 3xdaily delivery of food.

A lot of exercising ‘classes’ were conducted: sometimes solo or in pairs right on their veranda, others under the shading roof and off, below and besides wooden picnic tables and benches. Even entire classes, with the ‘instructor’ demonstrating from a veranda, whilst the mob, spread out on the footpath on their matts and blankies followed to the sound of pumping gym-music.

Morning and evening Yoga classes operated in the same way. Here the sounds were much more calming, almost serene and, as with all, everybody could join in, as long as the rules were – kind of- adhered to.

Word of mouth was one of the ways these news spread around the sectioned-off area of our camp, but crayons were the much more effective carrier-pigeons.  As almost everybody took up their twice, 20 minutes walking time, masked walking time, some even claimed to have walked more than 100 kms in their fortnight (??) as the time wasn’t controlled at all, rather relied on one’s own timing. So, imagine, there were only a small handful of possible footpaths one could run, walk or power-walk, meander along, and there it was? Written in LARGE letters in most colourful crayon-writing, impossible NOT to see. The announcement of what & where was taken place this arvo or night.

“Not macht erfinderisch” – old German proverb, or it reaches new heights of creativity …

a wall of surplus fruit-drink packs – see below
one of many flavours, mostly rejected by the healthy-drinking guard

A you can see, one MUST form a new, better view based on 1st-hand experience about the meaning of quarantine at Howard Springs.

This is not to say that we disregarded the health-advise, same same as in Victoria, form where most people were escaping. Not al all, we just may have carefully stretched the boundaries a little, knowing we all had a first negative test and eventually all of us a second negative test, entitling us to some lee-way …. The support team equally adhered to these rules at all times!

food delivery 3xdaily – masked up

Eventually, almost regrettably, well at least a tinge of regret, the time came to an end. Like with all group dynamics a time for ‘mourning’, leaving the groups formed and going along our separate ways. Everybody had an ultimate destination ready to proceed to. After all, this destination was the reason for submitting to a fortnight’s quarantine in the first place. All of our lot, about 80 people, were packed& ready Friday morning. Our beds were cleared, all stuffed into a bag, placed outside on the veranda. The last surplus items of food were distributed to later arriving quarantinees, some walking off with armful of stuff – all useful to make their time more pleasurable. Some even scored a camping bed, good for sleeping outside or resting under a shady tree, of course with masked firmly fitted!. Bit-by-bit were we – still masked – walked in a conga-line towards the exit. Here we received our bill, dumped the mask and were allocated a taxi to our non-quarantine destination.

waiting to get outta here

We could hardly believe our eyes on our way to a Darwin hotel. No masks on the street. people walking in bunches, people sitting in bars and cafes, enjoying themselves almost as if normal. The N.T. hadn’t had a Covid case for several months – so beside the 1.5mtr, hand-wash, elbow-sneeze rules, all was as per pre-Covid.

anti-maskers …

We will need several days to get used to this “new normal” …. almost an Orwellian term.

Thank you for reading my trivial thoughts, occasional rants and perhaps useful-for-some reflections. My expectations of this quarantine have been exceeded. I’ve been tested twice – still negative and soon, having escaped Victoria, managing to make it mentally refreshed through quarantine,  Heike and I can go bout our original plan: mixing business with travel by exploring new and old destination throughout the Northern Territory for future tours.
One can almost predict that there will be heaps of penned-up travel (GET-ME-OUT-OF-HERE!!) demands post Covid. NatureTrailz shall be prepared with better and new tours to cater for this, s this time ultimately will come …. (I am sounding almost a little bit religious here … waiting for the Erlöser ……)

Sorry, but didn’t find religions whilst cooped up – just weird thought ..

the author in all his splendour hiding his 6-pack 😉

Take care,


Heike is re-aquatinting herself with almost normal freedom ….

same here ….. @Frying Nemo – a local Fish&Chip joint

Part 3 Geschichten aus der Quarantäne …

“Bergfest!!!”  Juchhheeeeehhh!!!
We’ve, Heike & I managed to arrive at the half-way point!
Actually, as I am writing these lines it’s only FOUR MORE SLEEPS …..

Certainly a major highlight in these rather monotonous days here t Howard Springs.
…. so how to celebrate? A party? – out of question! Dancing naked in a tropical rain-shower?  – out of question as the facemask would disintegrate in no time.

not quite dancing, but …

A stiff drink or three? – out of que….. wait perhaps?? 
Of course we all know and ADHERE to the non-alcohol rule here at Howard Springs quarantine. This was clearly expressed in the pre-travel info and in all other leaflets being thrushted into our reluctant hands. However, in hindsight nobody checked any luggage.  So perhaps a little foresight enabled us to smuggle a tiny little bit of Fernet Branca into our camp. but Pssssst! don’t tell. Our excuse would have been something along these lines: “ …sorry Officer, this is indeed a medication. It’s a medicinal syrup, made out of a secret concoction of many herbs, very good for digestion and onset of mental struggle ….”  alternatively we probably would have fought over who would be allowed to just gobble it up in front of the official at the control point. “ …with my greatest of pleasures, Officer …. hicks ….”
But, as said before, nobody controlled any luggage. So this little gem survived, ready to be enjoyed for this somewhat decadent occasion! But, how to consume? Drinking it directly from our little bottle seems not commensurate to the event appropriately, even border-lining on cultural bolshevism. But we didn’t bring any Schnapps glasses or alike …?  So, but as pressure is the mother of invention, we look for an alternative. and here it as: the alternative: our 500ml plastic water bottles …

Schnappsglas in the making …

Taking a closer look. I can see a Schnappsglas right there! Screw the lid on tightly, cut the bottle 3-fingers width under its top and “voila!” a Schnappsglas. Now we’ve got all the necessary implements to celebrate Bergfest!

Bergfest celebration 🙂

Although, Saturday just passed we had another highlight! Would we have had a third one, I’d call it a ‘hat trick’ … but, alas, two-in-a-row are welcome too J. 
Ahhh, well we got our allocated pool sessions! Yes! – you read right! – a swimming pool session – all Covid safe… Hmmh, not sure, fortunately I haven’t read any research how long this virus does survive in water, so my mind remains in blissful ignorance about possible dangers. … Pool is on!
So, all 18 of us are frog-marched, masks-on, through the village/camp might be the better word, but I just finished a book dealing with the Holocaust, so ‘camp’ has currently a rather unwanted connotation on my mind (and keyboard).
But, back to better thoughts. We wander through previously forbidden grounds, locks are unbolted, gates swing open. Soon we arrive in the same hall, we were waiting upon our arrival-processing procedure. We recognise a known landmark.  A few more meters, another opening gate and here we are: a large, almost serene looking swimming pool. A single young man in life-saver outfit , under a shady roof, will watch over our safety and that we don’t behave like little naughty children. But, we do!  Practising – repeatedly –  ‘ze bomb’ attempting to create the highest splash. Don’t forget, many in our group are well past the forties … next an underwater-diving-the-longest competition. Mary wins this with ease, I come second. In-between floating with a noodle under my bum in the water, enjoying the soft (must have added salt) and refreshing element.

when in Darwin – GO directly to the Pool!

The allocated 45 minutes are over and nobody ever went out of the water during this time. Again our names are checked of the clipboard, fresh facemasks are handed out then donned and hands are sterilized. A happy bunch of quarantinees, big grins, albeit hidden under a mask, wonder back to their camp, still revelling in this delightful highlight.

Jane (neighbour) enjoying herself

So, who are the ‘other quarantinees’? 
In our allocated twice 20 minutes masked walk around the fenced-off camp, although nobody checks this time,  one greets another.  Almost everybody sits on their common veranda space, hoping for a breeze to cool down their hot bods. There appears to be a block of neighbouring huts with single females, one with single males, one families with kids. Couples like us, are sprinkled about, however more towards the single female accommodation – a buffer perhaps?  Naahh, not necessary, as everybody behaves friendly and well. A true representation of “we are all in this together”!
After a few days, faces become more and more familiar. From a nod, or a brief polite “goodday”, conversations emerge and one learns more about each other. By far the main questions asked are: ‘Where are you from?’ (always from Melbourne!), ‘Where will you go after?’ (equating to ‘why are you here in the first place?’) and ‘How many days left?’
The latter, one learns, is a loaded question ….

Loaded as a bunch of people about to leave the quarantine will set off a trash&treasure frenzy by those remaining. Imagine that many here try to make their fortnight as comfortable as possible. K-Mart, Woolies and Coles are only a ‘Click & Collect’ away. A troup of workers stands on the ready to pick-up the orders from these shops and delivers them right to your veranda-step. So, stuff is accumulated. Upon leaving the camp not everything will fit into the swollen suitcase, so it stays back, sitting forlorn on the veranda, waiting to be collected by its new owner. Camping-beds, waffle-makers (strictly not allowed), brooms, wading pools (neither allowed) and all kinds of other stuff changes its owner. So the remaining quarantinees now can make their life a tad more comfortable. All what you have to do, get up early and hunt …

An eclectic mix of people await the end of their quarantine. Some are travelling to Adelaide to see their loved ones, ageing parents or recently born babies, others literally re-locate to Darwin. This indeed has topsy-turveyed the Darwin rental market: almost no vacancies ~2%. Others are on their way to Sydney for a job, and some even have Grandfinal tickets fro Brisbane. Of course, there is also the odd local returning home to Darwin and, just as everybody else, have to endure 14-days quarantine. A bunch of expensively tattooed boys are here to travel onwards to the Bathurst 1000 Race. They are mechanics and this was the only way to make it to their job. Did I mention that “Karen from Brighton’ is here as well. Not here real name – fortunate foresight of the Chanel 9 camera team when first deeming her statement about the 5km radius newsworthy. Seemingly a nice person indeed. Heike and I will do some travelling in NT combining it with some business finding new places, routes, ultimately tours and establishing the necessary contacts.

However, to get here in the first place, all of us had to engage with the same procedure: book a flight to Darwin – 72hrs prior to departure lodge their Border-Entry form online with the NT government – await a non-negative response – proceed to the airport – be scrutinised by VIC border-force personnel right on the gate – finally, hoping onto the rather full plane, masked up, rubbing shoulders for 4 hrs to Darwin. Get off – being scrutinised again, this time by NT border force people, all very friendly – collect your luggage – be herded on a bus and driven out here: Howard Springs.
It was almost 5 o’clock arvo and we had been travelling since 10.30. A long queue was formed, in anticipation of more processing. This proceeded in snail pace, understaffed I reckon. Tocurtail this waiting and shuffling-forward period snacks were handed out curbing the arising hunger, as there had been no food on the plane. Probably around seven-ish, almost dark outside, a blue-plastic-coated men, woman? guided us to our accommodation. You’ve seen it in my first post. Then food was delivered.

open-air fitness class in the background

However, in all honesty, my expectations of this quarantine have been exceeded!
Yes, that’s true!  All staff is extremely friendly. Our temperature is checked daily, always with a banter and laughter. Today, for the first time, I guessed mine right! 36,4 – meaning all good. We get texts/phone calls inquiring about our well-being, a weekly feedback sheet, stable internet connection, reasonable (certainly plenty of) food, any questions answered, any request followed-up almost immediately, food & groceries delivered. This context certainly contributes big-time to my sense of bearing reasonably well with this 14-day quarantine. It is better than jail!! But, in contrast I can’t help wondering about the Vic and NSW Hotel quarantine!??  Imagine, or recall the last time you were in a Hotel … Probably one large room, dominated by a big bed, a writing desk, a window you can’t open, an air-conditioning you can’t regulate, a TV, and … that’s about it. 20 minutes/day you may be allowed outside. Imagine being in this room. Many were there with their partner, perhaps even a child, two?  One partner may even had to work from the room’s desk … and absolutely no escape! How on earth can one suffer through such an ordeal and not being mentally impacted? How many partnerships did suffer, break?  Really, an utter stupid idea!!  Controlled home detention would be much more bearable and most probably less expensive. Not only was the implementation in Victoria shite, moreover the entire idea of hotel quarantine is double-shite!!  All these who can’t remember that they discussed, not to speak DECIDED on it – all of them ought to be in there themselves, to feel how outrageously stupid this idea was and IS!  
Rant over …..

Part 2 – Life in Quarantine

Geschichten aus der Quarantäne … Part 2

Well, I talked about the Covid testing … it’s compulsory, done within 24 hrs of arrival. A second test will be done around day 10/11. Makes sense, as our experts tell us – the great unwashed – that there is a 10-14 day incubation period, provided one’s symptons are strong enough to show up …  BTW, the rule of this quarantine clearly state thst if one does not/resists to undergo this second test, they will be kept at this facoity for another 10 days – at their own cost of course. Another `$1800 into the pocket of the NT Government.
The actual test performed here all of us know from watching TV. A person in a blue walla-walla gown, masked and most likely shielded as a double-up cautionary act, well this person sticks an oversized Q-tip right into your wide open mouth “AAAAAHHHHHHhhhhhhh” creting an most uncomfortable gag-reflex, but before you know it, the same Q-tip as disappeared into nostril one, quickly followed by nostril number 2.  Really, it’s over before you even can get annoyed about it.  Then the Q-Tip disappears into a small plastic-pipe tube, and needs to be broken off its stem to fit there. Off to the laboratory.

Two days latter, I received my Covid test out come via text message:

good news

Pheww, I knew – hoped – it all the way, but it’s nice to get a confirmation. But, I am only half-way out of the woods. The second test shall confirm – or deny – my negativ status. Quite strane to look forward to a “negative status” …. always thought life ought to be more about positive status/statuses …. Well, strange times these are 

Well, why in the first place did I expose myself being  stabbed with oversized Q-tips, limited living in one small room and all the other rigmaroles for a fortnight? What made me deliver myself into quarantine – voluntarily??
Why the heck am I here anyway?

Karen from Brighton is here, too ….. indeed

Let me try to find reason(s):

‘Work’, ‘Adventure’, ‘Travel” – come to mind first. So allow me to expand:

Work: recently, well one or two years ago, I started a part-time job as a Tour-guide. Really enjoyed it! The pay is relatively lousy, but the task is great: getting to know new, often interesting people, managing the few difficult ones, travelling around Australia to past and new places, showing-off my new home. This task is even more enjoyable as it is entirely “in-bound”, also only overseas travellers. Moreover, the groups are limited to a max of 12 guest, “Pax” in the industry jargon. But wait there is even more ….! These Pax are all Germans, usually more mature ones, say between late thirties to mid seventies. Mostly busy professionals, or retirees, but rather prefer arranging their annual holiday through a professional service (travel agency), instead of spending time doing this themselves. So they are prepared to spend a bit ore coin to get what they want investing less of their own time in doing so. They arrive with high and firm expectations and it is my pleasure to fulfil and sometimes even exceed these. ‘My’ groups are a mix from the ‘Neue Bundes Staaten’, meaning the former East-Germany (DDR) and the other half of course of the ‘old’ West-Germany. It really is fun!    and indeed I get paid for it, not much, but sometimes the final tip makes up for it, but really not so important (better let not my boss read these lines).  BTW, my boss and I, over a period of time, have grown into a solid partnership and “we are in this together” ….. well, not quite, but couldn’t help to use the current slogan 😉 and brin Heike into the equation of this blog.

Suffcient to say that the in-bound tourist business is right now on the nose. Nil!, Nix, no business whatsoever, no Pax arriving here, from nowhere (perhaps NZ soon?)

So, now I ask you to reflect on the recent, on YOUR recent lock-down experience. Especially if you are in Melbourne, Mitchell Shire you certainly know what lock-down feels like. The longer, the more you want OUT!! In Germany, as explained before our main target country for our small group tours, the emergence of a 2nd wave seems unavoidable. France, Spain, the UK – to name a few – are in a similar, perhaps worse situation right now and numbers are rising again! On top of this, Winter will be coming, cold, rainy, just miserable in Europe, so it is likely these countries have a whopper of a 2nd wave. Let me be clear:  – I do not wish this to anybody, anywhere!! But it is a strong probability with an almost certain course of events. It is almost predictable that, as a consequence these people might experience similar lock-down blues, just as we just did, some of us still do! They will arrive at a stage of mind where all they can think about is: “GET ME OUT OF HERE!!” Ready to pack and travel away from it all – preferably far away.

Ok, so where to? Well, why not to a country which appears to have a firm grip on the pandemic, and a recent track record about low figures, able to manage efficiently new emerging cases and, on top, looking exotic. Australia! If my assumptions are even half-way correct, then there will be plenty of penned-up demand to travel to a save country.  Even if it is a long journey in a plane (yes, I know, another potential trap, but one would hope airlines work on improving the effectiveness of their filtering systems). Otherwise, they just pop-in one or several stopovers. With such a ‘run’ – people willing to get out NOW, one wants to be prepared and have a larger-than-usual range of tours ready to be conducted. Therefore some research for new destinations, new routes, new activities is best conducted now. Think about it: all these places in the NT and right now no o/s tourist.  Well, dare I say it: Bliss – one wants to experience 😉

3 x daily meal delivery service

No doubt, this trip – despite a business focus – will also be most enjoyable. Our exact plan is not yet firm, as several options depend on being able to travel over-land into W.A, or QLD, or even NSW. Seems to me as if these entry restrictions change more often than my underwear (still daily in my case). Therefore a few options need to be worked out, so we can select the best possible according to the prevailing circumstances.

So, enough for today. I am sitting outside on ‘my’ piece of the veranda. It’s 32 degrees, overcast and humid, approaching the hottest part of the day. Better now to retreat into my cubby-hole and take a afternoon snooze … – see you – hopefully – in Part 3

getting-to-know-your-neighbours … fellow inmates

Geschichten aus der Quarantäne …

Stories, thoughts, musing and even reflections from Covid Quaratine

October 2020

Geschichten aus der Quarantäne … Part 1

So, here I am, Day 3 in quarantine. Needing to fill my day – and the next 11 ones – with some semi-meaningful occupation. Otherwise boredom will overcome me together with a feeling of “wasting my days/life”.

So, to counteract this I have been looking for things to do. Let me assure you there are considerable limitations in quarantine, but one’s mind can roam freely and my phantasie is much invited to come to the fore. The latter a lil’ bit difficult. due to the constant heat 32 degrees with typical tropical high humidity, kind of damping my spirits …. BUT I shall fit against it!

Since being in quarantine is – for me – and I guess most – a rather unique experience, with not somehow capture it beyond memories only. Writing this journal therefore fulfils several purposes and most of them benefits :

  1. recording this experience
  2. sharing it with loved ones outside ‘the zone’
  3. breaking the advent of potential boredom
  4. exercising my brain to capture it in a – well, ‘meaningful’, perhaps … no wait? definitely cathartic-inducing way.

 I am in Howard Springs in the Northern Territory (N.T.). Howard Springs is almost a suburb of Darwin (being the Capital of the NT). It’s about 30 kms south-east of Darwin. I am in a camp, precisely a re-purposed workers camp. This camp was established to house workers for building a nearby industrial plant. The camp consists of  several rows of ‘demountables’.

“My” demountable …

These are prefabricated houses, rectangular shape, each about 30mtrs long and 10 meters wide. On one side a long, raised-above-the-ground veranda allows one to sit in front of his/her unit and enjoy fresh air and plenty of sunshine. 

Our shared veranda

Let me assure you, especially those in Victoria, there IS plenty of sunshine here. Actually I seek the shade in order not to burn … the contrast of Australia …
Back to the demountables: each ‘block’ harbours four one-bedroom flats. Equipped quite basic but clean and certainly recently renovated. I have a TV, aircon, shower&toilet.

K4D1 – my ‘home’ for a fortnight quarantine

After completion of the industrial power plant , the camp with about over 300 of these blocks stood empty. With the advent of Covid the NT government refurbished the entire camp in order to geographically implement its entry restrictions: one must do 14 days of quarantine before being allowed “in”. Here, in the NT this quarantine is not at one’s home, neither at a Hotel, rather here at the camp in Howard Springs  – only at the camp! and this is the one-and-only quarantine camp in NT. Moreover the cost for the quarantine is born by oneself. The two weeks mandatory period will set you back $2,500 … I reckon a reasonably fair amount for what you get in coping with this 14-day period being basically locked away. I get a room, clean sheets twice for this period, and there meals a day. “Vollpension” one would say in Germany. So, if I do my Math correctly it equates to $~180.00/day fully catered for.

my grand room
cleaning station – just enough to swing a small cat

The food? what is the food like I hear you ask ….. is it nay good? … value for money
Well, a all matter of taste – literally. I must tell you that it’s not too bad at all. It’s not The Ritz, neither your own fav eatery, but it’s above a pub meal. The food is more than plenty, I hardly , actually I do never! eat all of it. The serves morning, lunch and dinner could be smaller for me. That is – for me – a problem, as much is wasted and goes into the bin, I guess, to ask for a reduced portion would logistically make it even more cumbersome to accommodate such a wish, considering there are about 1200 ‘residents’ currently in this facility.
So, with trying to eat smaller portions despite the waste-issue, here is another opportunity to engage my mind: self-control. Thus far, I have been able to only eat half or less of each serve. It hurts me, as a lot of food is wasted, but since I have hardly any physical activity, I need to put on even more weight, on top of my already growing Covid-belly. Covid-belly as probably most of us gained weight in the lock-down period/s due to lack of movement and spurred on by boredom, one tends to munch more and more and a little more. Add to this the probably – no excuses here – increased intake of alcohol … “just another glass of wine as there is nothing else to do …” – such a convenient excuse, at least for me. Have I mentioned that there is absolutely NO ALCOHOL allowed here in the camp. Whilst one can utilise the ‘Click&Collect’ from nearby supermarkets, Alcohol, any type of it, is strictly banned. Many ‘residents’ probably struggle with this forced-upon abstinence. Many might even do it harder, after their foresightful, smuggled in rations have been depleted ….  Then, on the other hand, many may re-recognise the worth of reduced alcohol or even short-timed abstinence, but I don’t want to appear being seen as a wowser or supporter of a Temperance movement. Everybody to their own, as long as ….

I am side-tracking myself, again! Sorry, back to some final words about the food thus far (remember: only 3 days in …) Food is rather variable, so different meals, always with a piece of fruit, a little sweet cake, yoghurts and other ingredients. Moreover, I can choose what type of dietary requirements I prefer. Initially I started with ‘None’, so got the ‘normal’ stuff, presumably what the majority got. Others choose a gluten-free option, a vegetarian option (probably with all of its ‘important’ aberrations) or a low-carb option. This latter one appealed to me. “Low carb ..?! hmmh, perhaps best with lack of movement/exercise..”  So, after just one day, I changed to low carb. From now on, we compare – three times daily – what’s in our food-bag. The food is hand-delivered (hang on … is there anything other than ‘hand’-delivered???), so the food is delivered on a trolley at set times, packed in a labelled bag with my room number – K4 1D – mentioned here, just in case you want to send me a care-parcel … Everything is wrapped and/or packed in plastic with a set of plastic cutlery. So, a lot of more waste, this time plastic goes into the bin. I guess this is part of the Covid-precautions, to avoid possible contamination.

On a final note of this initial entry is that all of us arrivers (is this the male or female version …?) have been tested for Covid within the first 24hrs after arrival. Today Monday October 5th, I got my result per text message!

Let’s see how things will unfold further …