Preparations, endless …?

Melbourne – 0 km
09 March 2016

Despite having this trip rummaging in my head for several years, I am surprised how much there is still to prepare! Bike, luggage, travel arrangements and self , my major ‘buckets’ still are full of stuff to do!

Bike is almost done. With the long Labour-Day weekend coming I plan to have it completely packed and go for a ride. Testing, testing …


Rear frame strengthening – a known weakness at the R1100 and R1150 GS


Rear frame strengthened and power-coated


Fitting the panniers on – must be level

Luggage is a topic closely connected to the bike. I am carrying all of it on the bike. I plan to include all when crating & shipping the bike to South Korea. Some stuff I intent to take over when I fly to Busan. I hope that the vast majority of my luggage will be sorted by the same time – Labour Day weekend.


Panniers and re-purposed aluminium business case, now affixes as well

Self, well the mind is there, the tasks are not …. I just went to the Dentist. Always fun! But my dentist Anna has been looking after my teeth for 25 years, so whatever she sees is ‘her work’! Yesterday she found a little hole and recommended to fix it prior to my departure – so a date has been fixed – teeth are under control.

Medication and First Aid, here my much better half Louise has taken charge. I now have a tightly-packed First Aid kit and I am going to buy a First Aid sticker , so anybody can see where this kit is kept on the bike – contingency only I trust…

Doctor’s visit still outstanding. Must arrange before end of week to feel I make progress!!

Got a new passport and a new Driver’s License– the process went faster than anticipated – albeit there was a snag with VicRoads and their system up-loading my photo. Apparently this happens only once-in-a-hundred-times ….. well I wonder how often they use this explanation. Nevertheless, all is there – that’s great! So immediately I can tackle the Russian visa – that’s the most important. Need to find out roughly how long it will take to get it in the passport and have my passport returned – might even drive to Canberra to save time. Then I can determine the travel date for bike and self to Korea. I plan to stay 7 – 10 days in South Korea, trending more to seven.

The Visa for Mongolia I am informed is best to obtain within one day in Ulan Ude, Russia (South Siberia). Then I worry about the other Visas. I rely a bit on info from travellers coming from the opposite direction that will determine when & where to apply for these Visas. Must up-date my list of Visa requirements asap.


2 thoughts on “Preparations, endless …?

  1. Axel du bist der Wahnsinn. Have a save Trip and take care. Wish you all the Best and will follow your blog.

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